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After training more than 7000 students over more than a decade and working with hundreds of aged care providers around the country, Success Fast-Track Pty Ltd has ceased operations.

We had earned the reputation as the highest quality training provider of Certificate III aged care workers in Australia.

Thank you to all our great staff who worked so hard and so skilfully to deliver the outstanding results of which we were so proud.

Thank you to all the great people we met over the years especially the senior managers of the aged care facilities and their staff who worked with us in a friendly and professional manner to assist our students. It really was rewarding and a privilege to work with you all.

Thanks to our students who gave their best both while in training and then out in the workplace. You proved what could be achieved.

Thanks to all our suppliers and supporters who assisted us through the turbulent times that come with any decent and worthwhile endeavour.

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'The Commission (National Commission Of Audit, NCOA) is of the view that – the States should take responsibility for VET, – including the current reform agenda.

This simplified governance and accountability would be more efficient than the current arrangements.'

-From 10.7 Vocational Education and Training Appendix to the Report of the National Commission of Audit – Volume 2

-Ref: http://www.ncoa.gov.au/index.html







Also this may be of interest:

'ASQA changes

'...we must ensure that in delivering sophisticated skills and training, the system isn’t so over-burdened with red tape and bureaucracy that it ends up being counterproductive.

The Government will put in place reforms that will get rid of the excessive red tape for high-performing training providers and let them get on with what it is that they do best – delivering the highest calibre training that meets industry and the economy’s needs.

Quality training speaks for itself.'


'The Australian Government is overhauling the skills and training system, with a package of reforms...'

The Government’s reforms will create a new streamlined and effective system to replace the unwieldy and overly bureaucratic system that has become bogged down in red tape...

...There is too much red tape in the sector and the first example that comes to mind relates to apprenticeship centres who spend more than half their time and resources filling out paperwork.

The true success of the VET sector must be measured in how well it connects skilled workers to real jobs, not how much paperwork is completed...'

...One centre this week even told me they waste money every quarter spraying for paper mites...

The need for reform

Australia’s VET system needs reform.

Between 2011 and 2013, employer satisfaction with accredited VET system decreased from 84 to 78 per cent.

There has also been a fall in use of the VET system by employers in the same period, from 56 to 52 per cent.

To address these issues the Government is implementing a package of reforms, and today I am announcing the second tranche of those reforms.

'...In such a highly competitive environment, the best way to ensure an RTO delivers high quality training is to let it stand on its reputation – not fill out reams and reams of paperwork and jump through endless hoops.

In recognition of this, under this Government’s reforms, ASQA will more broadly delegate the power for training providers to make decisions about changing the scope of their registration.

At the moment training providers are required to constantly seek approval from ASQA before they offer new courses or make changes to the courses they are already delivering.

The result is an excessive amount of red tape and too much time spent filling out forms instead of filling classrooms or workshops.

'...ASQA should be a regulator, not a book keeper.

Equally, the time and resources of high performing training providers will be best spent in getting on with the job.

What this means in practice is that the training providers who have consistently demonstrated the highest of standards and regulatory compliance will no longer have to seek ASQA’s permission to make changes to their registration.'

-Ian MacFarlane, Federal Minister for Industry and Vocational Education and Training.

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